Test Pilot Program

The Mobile Safety ARK Test Pilot Program is a no-obligation opportunity to participate in the maiden voyage of this “Perimeter in a Box” as it sets sail into a variety of industries and industrial settings. 

The Mobile Safety ARK™ is an innovative, self-contained frontline response unit that can be easily and quickly deployed to ensure others are diverted out of harm’s way or kept at a safe distance from potentially dangerous activity or environmental hazard. Having everything needed to create a sturdy boundary (that is more intentional and effective than simple “caution tape”) all in one place and at your fingertips enables hazardous work to be completed quicker and more efficiently – and facilitates a speedy, calm reaction in the event of an emergency. 

The Test Pilot offer is simple… 

We will loan you the ARK of your choosing to use for a limited time in exchange for a few photos of the ARK deployed in your setting, and simple answers to these three questions: 

1. Did the ARK do what you needed it to do? 

2. Did you have any issues with the components when you deployed them? 

3. Do you have any suggestions or optional accessories that might improve the ARK for your setting? 

We can also include six flashing beacons, from MTAC lighting partner Guardian Angel™, in your test drive of the ARK if they might be beneficial in your setting. These industry-leading, easily-operated beacons are ideal for high-traffic locations, and have taken the beacon light industry by storm. 

ARK Test Pilot slots are open for a limited time and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Your participation and feedback are greatly appreciated and will help ensure that all industries are fully equipped to weather the storm and protect their people with the Mobile Safety ARK

Use the form below to request a Test Pilot slot and get ready to launch the Mobile Safety ARK at your site!

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