The moment pallet rack sustains critical damage a catastrophic collapse is a real possibility. A rack collapse can happen suddenly, without warning. In this event, the damaged rack becomes the first domino in a disaster that threatens the entire facility, and the lives of workers in it. Critical damage is a unique and urgent threat that requires a unique and urgent response.

The self-contained Collapse Prevention ARK™ (Accelerated Response Kit) ensures you are fully equipped for immediate action in the event of an emergency. On board is everything needed to quickly secure the immediate area until repairs can be made. With the ARK stowed away at your facility, you can safely navigate the perilous waters of a critical damage response and potentially avert a disaster of epic proportions.

To better understand pallet rack damage and assessment criteria, download a free copy of the MTAC Damage Assessment Guide.

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Weather the Storm & Protect Your People

On Board the ARK

Your Collapse Prevention ARK contains everything needed to quickly close 3 aisles in response to critical pallet rack damage until repairs can be made:

6 Heavy Duty Safety Cones

6 Magnetic Retractable Barriers

Connects to left & right uprights at each end of 3 aisles

6 Damaged Structure Warning Signs

Reversible, bilingual signs available on request

Mobile Locker with Retractable Handle

To store and transport gear (dimensions: 37˝ x 23˝ x 23˝)

All ARKs are Fully Self-Contained
No Additional Tools Needed

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Need to Create a NON-Magnetic Perimeter? There’s an ARK That’s Right for You!

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Perimeter Protection ARK

Everything needed to quickly and easily create a perimeter of up to 1800 sq. ft. – anywhere!

Flash Boundary ARK

Everything needed to establish a large flash boundary of up to 1800 sq. ft. – anywhere!

Protection That’s Prepared in Advance & READY TO ROLL

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