Though the rain fell and the flood waters rose, Noah and his family were kept safe because the ark had been prepared well in advance. The ark was not an off-the-shelf solution, but one that was uniquely conceived and custom built for a singular purpose: Preservation of life.

Despite the threat of disaster, Noah’s family stayed safe because the ark had been exclusively designed for protection from the specific peril they faced – and was ready to roll the moment it was needed.

Weather the Storm & Protect Your People with the Mobile Safety ARK That’s Right for You!

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Collapse Prevention ARK

On board the Collapse Prevention ARK is everything needed to quickly close 3 aisles in response to critical pallet rack damage until repairs can be made. With this ARK stowed at your facility, you can safely navigate the perilous waters of a critical damage response and potentially avert a disaster of epic proportions.

Perimeter Protection ARK

The Perimeter Protection ARK includes everything needed to quickly and easily create a perimeter of up to 1800 sq. ft. – anywhere! Protect others by keeping them at a safe distance from hazards or potentially dangerous work, regardless of your location or surroundings.

Flash Boundary ARK

For electrical work that presents the threat of a dangerous, and potentially deadly, arc flash the establishment of an outer flash protection boundary is critical. With the Flash Boundary ARK, establishing a large flash boundary of up to 1800 sq. ft. – anywhere – has never been faster or easier.

Protection That’s Prepared in Advance & READY TO ROLL

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